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12 Stylish Blue Light Glasses Under 100$ for Women

Blue Light Glasses for Women

What Is Blue Light?

Blue light can be expressed as a light type emitted by light sources. Almost all light sources around you emit blue light. It even exists in sunlight. Now, I heard that you ask “Well, then why is it harmful?”

If over-exposure does not exist, blue light is not harmful. However, since the time during which we use our technological devices nowadays makes blue light harmful. With blue light glasses for women, this problem can be overcome for good.


Sunlight contains all colors like red, green, blue and orange. Wavelengths and emitted energy amounts vary among these colors. For example, while red light has long wavelength and low energy, blue light has short wavelength and high energy. In theory, blue light can be expressed as a light type, as also expressed above. [*]

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Why Are Blue Light Glasses Important?

Electronic devices that we use during our professional and daily lives are today simply a part of daily life. No matter how much we try to control ourselves, sometimes it is inevitable to stay away from screens. Therefore, we need blue light glasses. There are several reasons to use blue light glasses for women. Some important ones can be shared as below:

Prevents Eye Fatigue

Women generally works in offices. That means, women spend long time in front of a computer.

Constantly looking at a screen may cause increasing stress level. Besides, as the duration of looking at a screen increases, we start to experience focusing problems due to blue light. After some time, this situation results in eye fatigue and our ability to see is affected by this. However, with blue light glasses for women, effect of blue light that causes eye fatigue is overcome. These glasses provide easiness in focusing and they minimize the risk of eye fatigue.

Provides Sleep Routine

Being exposed to blue light more than required makes sleep routine disturbed. Because, blue light retards melatonin hormone release which prepares our bodies for sleep. This way, our bodies can’t get prepared for sleep and sleep problems emerge. Yet, with blue light glasses, this situation does not occur and mentioned negative effects are not experienced.


Protects from Eye Diseases

Eye lens and cornea prevent harmful UV rays emitted by the sun from reaching retina. But, there is no such protection against blue light. Therefore, in case you are exposed to blue light, it can directly reach your retina. At this point, this situation may cause symptoms of macular degeneration disease to be experienced and considerably increase cataract risk. With blue light glasses for women, these risks are prevented.

Provides Ability to Use Devices

Although most of us know that looking at screens is harmful, we are not able to eliminate it for work related or similar reasons. This problem can be overcome with blue light glasses. With these glasses, we can continue using such technological devices and we can be protected from harmful effects.


Eliminates Headache Risk

Blue light can trigger headache and migraine. In such a situation, life quality will decrease considerably. With these glasses, headache risk is minimized and this way, life quality is ensured.

Go With Women’s Classiness

Glasses are one of the most important accessories for women’s classiness. At this point, blue light glasses offer positive effects for your health and your expectations concerning being classy are also met. Outfits are completed with these glasses and classiness reaches to the top.

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New Trend For Women – Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses for women have great importance due to the reasons shared above. While choosing the right one, both protectiveness and classiness of glasses should be evaluated. We gathered 12 popular and different blue light glasses under 100$ together for you. Let’s go on with the suggestions that will enhance your elegance:

1. William Women – Black

Pure and stylish, this product prevents 40% of incoming blue light and protects your eyes. With its black color, it will make you have royal look and with its price, it draws attention right away.

2. William Women - Green Moss

With its shape between square and round as well as its moss green color, this model draws attention and it will protect your eyes from blue light. As much as its contribution to your health, it will increase your classiness as well. Its quality and usefulness will meet your expectations in this field.

3. William Women – Tortoise

Are you bored with ordinary colors for glasses? If your answer is “yes”, then this model is simply for you. With its unique color and other details, it will astonish you while minimizing harmful effects of blue light.

4. William Women – Red

Being the most popular choice for individuals looking for blue light glasses for women, this one will make you feel the effect of red to the end. With this special eyeglasses, you will overcome many problems like eye fatigue.

5. Luca Women – Black

Having round frame and black color, this model has been developed for individuals bored from ordinary eyeglass frames and it will provide you more than you expect. With its ability to block blue light, it will enhance your life quality and its look will enhance your classiness.

6. Luca Women - Green Moss

What do you say about having eyeglasses in moss color? With its extraordinary color, this model features itself with its quality. If you want to enhance your classiness while protecting your eyes from blue light, this model is simply for you.

7. Luca Women – Tortoise

Drawing attention with its frame that carries patterns like a tortoise shell, this model is able to prevent 40% of blue light, just like other ones. This way, while using your telephone or tablet, you will be able to prevent headache or eye fatigue.

8. Luca Women – Red

Do you want to have your eyeglasses in a mighty color, like red? Round frame, special look and blue light blocking. This model with all these features will astonish you.

9. Anton Women – Black

Attracting attention with its high quality and classiness, this model also offers blue light blocking. This is one of the most preferred ones among blue light glasses for women. You can also enhance your elegance while protecting your health with this model.

10. Anton Women - Green Moss

With its durable structure and different colors, this model will make you prevent from all harmful effects of blue light. You will attract attention with its moss green color and with your assertive display, you will amaze everyone.

11. Anton Women – Tortoise

With its frame containing different colors and its glasses that can block blue light, this one will give you a different look. You will feel so much different with this model that offers classiness and quality together.

12. Anton Women – Red

With its special frame and red color, this model just amazes others and it is also very successful in blocking blue light. When you use it regularly, it will enhance your elegance and you will overcome your health problems like head ache and eye fatigue.


Above, we listed new trend eyeglasses of 2021. With 3 different models and 12 different tones, you can select the most suitable one for your style. On top of that, you can get any of them for less than 100$ (for up-to-date prices, we left a link below from the official webpage).

In order to have a look at these products that are available in blue light glasses for women collection of the brand Muunel, you can visit this page.

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