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15 Female Celebrities Who Look Much Cooler With Their Glasses

Glasses are one of the most special accessories that women can use. For this reason, most women, including celebrities, prefer to wear glasses to complete their outfits. Women look much cooler with glasses worn regardless of summer, winter, rain or sun. The number of celebrities who look cool with blue light glasses is at considerable level today. However, some of these celebrities are much more popular. Female celebrities with glasses that stand out with their styles are as follows:

1. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, or as she is called in Hollywood, Angie is one of the most stylish names on the red carpet. Angie, whose elegance, nobility and beauty increases as she gets older, has sharp facial features. For this reason, she prefers to complete her minimal style with her choice of glasses. Angelina Jolie, whom we are familiar to see with her sometimes masculine and sometimes feminine style, is a name that exceedingly deserves to be among the female celebrities with glasses.

2. Rosie Huntington

When it comes to the embodiment of British beauty, Rosie Huntington is the first name that comes to mind. She, who prefers large glasses more, is extremely successful in capturing casual elegance. Glasses with large lenses and her elegant style ensure that she catches a casual-smart mood.

3. Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo, who is one of the most influential style cults in the world, draws attention with her wide range of glasses. The famous beauty, who reveals her difference with her choices of accessories and glasses, is like the noble ladies who came from the classical period. She completes her appearance which shouts that elegance cannot be attained later, with glasses of different designs.

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4. Jessica Chastain

With her charming hair and white skin, Jess, who is almost a northern queen, is one of the names who successfully wear different styles. Her glasses are her essentials. Although she prefers thick-rimmed and dark glasses more, she is known to use different styles successfully from time to time. For this reason, she is one of the first names who come to mind when talking about female celebrities with glasses.

5. Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara, who we know as the sexy and funny Gloria of the Modern Family TV series, always prefers giving images with her glasses in real life. The famous beauty, who prefers vamp and stylish glasses, completes her feminine style with her choices and almost enters a much more different mood.

6. Jennifer Lopez

J Lo is one of the sexiest icons of the red carpet, always manages to attract attention with her elegance. She turns her close relationships with fashion giants like Donatella Versace into an advantage in catching up with fashion. She can wear almost all types of glasses successfully and change her mood with them. She is a very special name not only in music but also in fashion world.

7. Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner, who expresses that she is impressed by the Tomboy style at every opportunity, is one of the names who use glasses as an effective accessory. Although she has made us accustomed to displaying images with her masculine style, she manages to attract all the attention with her accessory selections such as glasses and hats. Having a face that can be considered small makes it easier for her to use different styles of glasses. She is one of the famous people who generally prefer dark and large-rimmed glasses.

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8. Gigi Hadid

Gigi, who has rounded face features, generally prefers wearing fun and comfortable clothes. She completes this choice with mirrored or metallic glasses. It is a situation accepted by everyone that big frames suit her better.

9. Rihanna

Rihanna always manages to surprise and impress people with her extraordinary image. It is known that her selections of glasses and accessories have a great influence on her success. Riri, who prefers large and round-rimmed glasses more, sometimes draws attention with her different selections. All these features of her make her have a special place among female celebrities wearing glasses.

10. Beyonce

Beyonce, who is unarguably one of the most influential names in the music world, always manages to draw attention to herself with her extraordinary style, accessories and glasses. Beyonce, who can wear different styles of glasses well, is one of the most stylish names among female celebrities with glasses.

11. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is among the names who complete their different styles with glasses. Although she sometimes wears contact lenses, she often prefers glasses as well. Gomez, who can be stylish even with glasses of different styles, is very successful in adding a different mood to her.

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12. Kim Kardashian

Another special name on the list of female celebrities with glasses is Kim Kardashian. Kim prefers thick and dark-rimmed glasses more often. However, it is known that she also tried unusual models from time to time.

13. Lindsay Lohan

Actress Lindsay Lohan prefers big-rimmed glasses when she is not wearing contact lenses. The celebrity, who tends towards styles that are compatible with her blonde hair, occasionally uses light-toned models as well.

14. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston, who is one of the famous names of Hollywood, generally prefers light-toned glasses. Aniston, who is known to love models with round and colorful frames more, always manages to draw attention to herself.

15. Megan Fox

Megan Fox, who is among the female celebrities with glasses, is one of the names who wear glasses almost every hour of the day. Sometimes she prefers sharp-framed glasses and sometimes she uses less sharp-framed glasses.


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