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How Do Blue Light Glasses Protect Your Eyes?

Increase in tablet, computer and mobile phone use that has come into our lives with technological developments has made us meet "blue light" concept. In the simplest terms, blue light, which is expressed as a type of light emitted by such electronic devices, can be extremely dangerous for eye health. Blue light glasses have been developed to solve this problem. Blue light glasses protect your eyes and noticeably improve your quality of life. Well, but how? You can find the answer to this question and other details related to the subject in the rest of our article.

Blue Light Overview

Blue light is a type of light that cannot be seen by naked eye and not noticeable from outside. As known, there are different types of light within the visible light spectrum. Blue light is one of them. It is the part of light spectrum which has the highest energy and the shortest wavelength (400-500 nanometers). So, it is also called high-energy visible light (HEV).

Eyes have the ability to block harmful rays (UV rays) emitted by the sun. Cornea and lens block UV rays and prevent them from reaching retina of our eyes. Thus, eye health is protected. However, lens and cornea do not have the ability to prevent or block blue light. Therefore, blue light easily reaches our retina. Here, it increases the risk of diseases such as eye fatigue and macular degeneration. Blue light glasses protect your eyes and largely prevent these risks.

Another effect of blue light is related to people’s sleep cycles. Due to this effect, it can be stated that blue light affects physical and emotional health positively. However, in order for this positive effect to occur, excessive level of blue light exposure must be prevented.

How Does Blue Light Affect Your Eyes?

Effects of blue light on eyes can be different. First of all, it should not be forgotten that screens of electronic devices used today emit intense amount of blue light. In addition, the sun is a source of blue light.

Low exposure to blue light has positive effects. This mentioned type of light is associated with daytime by human body.

  • Blue light emitted by the sun in the morning and noon hours makes it easier to wake up and helps you be vigorous during the day.

  • Amount of blue light emitted by the sun decreases in the afternoon and towards the evening, so your body gets ready for sleep.

However, heavily used electronic devices cause this cycle to be disturbed.[*]

Excessive exposure to blue light will make it difficult for you to sleep at night and wake up in the morning. This situation will affect your whole quality of life. It is also known that it has harmful effects on eye health directly. Eye fatigue, headache and orientation disorder are just a few of them. Blue light glasses protect your eyes and effectively prevent the mentioned problems to occur here.

Do You Really Need Blue Light Glasses?

Nowadays, adults are exposed to digital screens for more than 10 hours due to both business and personal occupations and preferences. The mentioned period is much longer for some people. This causes eyes to be heavily exposed to the stress of digital light.

So, who should wear blue light glasses? Even if you are not sure whether you clearly need blue light glasses or not, it is obviously a good idea to use these glasses. Protection from blue light emitted by the screens will provide benefits to you in many ways. Blue light glasses protect your eyes and their positive effects are reflected in different areas of your life. When purchasing glasses, attention should be paid to pupillary distance.

Wearing blue light glasses while you are using digital devices or mobile phones will positively affect your sleep patterns. Studies show that people who use these glasses regularly in the evening have a much better and issueless sleep pattern.

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How Do Blue Light Glasses Work?

Blue light glasses protect your eyes, but how? Special layers which exists in the lenses of these glasses prevent transmission of a certain wavelength range or a specific segment. Thus, they filter blue light effectively.

While developing blue light lenses, preventing digital eye fatigue and preserving circadian rhythm cycle that negatively affects general health was aimed.

While harmful blue light is filtered, the wavelength that affects circadian rhythm is changed. Blue light glasses protect your eyes and affect many areas of your life positively.

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