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How to Clean Your Blue Light Glasses?

The most effective way to prevent possible damage and scratches in blue light glasses is to clean them regularly. Many people think that cleaning glasses is a simple process. However, it should not be forgotten that cleaning should be done meticulously and wrong applications should be avoided. In the rest of our article, you can find detailed information on how to clean glasses.

How Is Cleaning Blue Light Glasses Done?

It is important to clean your glasses in the right way as well as protecting your eyes from the computer screen. Cleaning blue light glasses can cause scratches and other damages if not done correctly. Please follow the below steps to clean glasses without causing such negativities.

  • Wash and dry your hands. So, you will get rid of dirt, oil, lotion, and other unwanted substances that may pass from your hands to your glasses. Also, use lotion-free soap or dishwashing liquid when washing your hands. For drying, choose a lint-free towel.

  • First, rinse your glasses slowly with warm water. This rinsing with water allows dust and similar wastes to be removed from your glasses. Thus, you eliminate the risk of this dust causing scratching on the glasses when you clean them.

  • Apply a small amount of lotion-free dishwashing liquid to the glasses. Please remember that these liquids are extremely dense and use only a small amount.

  • Gently rub the eyeglasses after applying dishwashing liquid. Do not forget to rub the parts behind the ear and the nose pads as well. In short, please do not forget to rub anywhere during glasses cleaning.

  • After the rubbing process is complete, rinse well and make sure there is no soap left.

  • After rinsing, shake your glasses gently. Thus, you will remove a significant portion of the water from your glasses.

  • Dry your glasses carefully with a lint-free and clean towel or a more suitable cloth. If you use a fiber towel or cloth in this process, the dirt between the fibers that you cannot notice may stain or scratch your glasses. You should pay special attention to this issue.

  • Finally, during the cleaning of the glasses, re-check the glasses and make sure they are completely cleaned. If there is a part that is not cleaned, clean it with a microfiber eyeglass cloth that you can easily get from the opticians.

* When you cannot find the time and materials to apply the above steps, you can use the ready-made cleaning wipes produced for cleaning glasses.

Which Materials Should Be Used in Glasses Cleaning?

Spray eyeglass cleaners are one of the major materials to be preferred for cleaning. You can find these products in shopping malls, opticians, or pharmacies. These products, which can be used instead of dishwashing soap, make it possible to clean your glasses under almost any conditions. However, if you do not have the chance to remove the dust from your glasses with water before using this cleaner, you should apply the product to your glasses intensively. Thus, you will eliminate the risk of dust scratching the eyeglasses.

There are different types of spray eyeglass cleaners. You may choose the appropriate product considering the features of the glasses you have. For example, if your eyeglasses have a non-reflective coating, you should choose a product accordingly.

Wipes prepared for cleaning glasses are another important material you can use. Before using these products moistened and packaged earlier, you should remove the dust by blowing out your glasses. Thus, the risk of dust scratching the glasses is eliminated.

The most effective material you may prefer to dry your glasses is microfiber cleaning cloths. These have been developed for cleaning sensitive surfaces such as eyeglasses. They give very effective results and are very easy to use. However, as they are not so good at catching the marks, clean the clothes frequently. Wash the clothes by hand with lotion-free dishwashing liquid or water directly, and then let them dry in the air.

How to Eliminate Eyeglass Scratches?

When you saw this title, you may have thought that you will get rid of the scratches on the glasses. Unfortunately, there is no way of getting rid of them. It is possible for some materials used for cleaning glasses to make scratches less visible, but they can't fix the scratches permanently.

Products containing waxed substances fill the scratches, making them less visible. However, depending on the size and depth of the scratches, the effects of these products may differ. Besides, it should not be forgotten that they have undesirable effects such as causing staining on eyeglasses with YO coating.

If the scratches on your eyeglasses seriously affect your vision and cause you discomfort, the most logical option might be to replace them. When choosing new eyeglasses, pay attention to whether they have a scratch-proof guarantee. Thus, you can use your new eyeglasses longer without scratching.

Is Professional Glasses Cleaning Necessary?

If you regularly clean your glasses and keep them clean, professional cleaning is not necessary. However, sometimes your cleaning may become insufficient. In particular, it may be impossible to clean the frame elements and eyeglass pads. In such cases, you need to get a professional cleaning service.

Professional cleaning is performed with an ultrasonic cleaning device. With this device, glasses are cleaned and cleared of dirt in detail. However, the yellowing and similar effects on the nose pads may not be eliminated despite cleaning. In such cases, you can change the nose pads.

Benefits of Protective Glasses Case

You can use a protective glasses case to protect the effect of your cleaning and to ensure the safety of glasses. Thanks to these cases, you can significantly prevent your glasses from getting dusty, dirty, and scratched. When you take off your glasses while sleeping or for other reasons, you can ensure their safety by putting them in these cases. Thus, you have the opportunity to use your favorite trendy glasses you bought for a long time without damage.

If you do not have a protective glasses case, you can obtain this product from your optician or pharmacy. Until you get this product, be careful to keep your glasses so that their eyeglasses do not touch the surface.

How Long Do The Glasses Last?

Although you regularly clean your glasses or take care of them, you will not be able to protect them fully. Sometimes it will accidentally fall off, sometimes it will get scratched or have other damages without you realizing it. Eyeglasses are scratch-resistant, but they are not completely scratch-proof. To maximize the usage time of your glasses, take care of their cleaning. And pay attention to the selection of eyeglasses with an anti-scratch warranty.

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